The Lunar Eclipses in Luxembourg
in the Years 2010/2011

Partial Lunar Eclipse
This is a picture of a partial lunar eclipse.
I found it on the online-site of the german scientific magazine bild der wissenschaft
Unfortunately, the eclipse pages are no longer available
since that website has been revamped.

There has been no total lunar eclipse since February 21, 2008. There were several penumbral and partial eclipses during the last 2 years, and now, on December 21 2010, there will be again a total lunar eclipse.

But we will be not too lucky here in Luxembourg : At 7:32 am local time, the moon enters the earth's shadow, at 8:40 am, the totality of the eclipse will be reached. But unfortunately, in our regions the moon will already set at 8:35 am, so that the total eclipse will happen behind the horizon, ... and we will not be able to watch it.
Those who want to watch the complete show will have to travel through some timezones to the west, something like to Iceland. Or still better to North America, where the eclipse happens in the middle of the night. Why not combine the eclipse with some X-mas shopping in NY ...

And it continues to run badly for us : For the following 2 eclipses, things won't be much better : On June 15, 2011 we will miss the beginning of the eclipse, and on December 10, 2011, we'll just get the chance to see the moon leaving the shadow shortly after it will have risen.   :-(

The eclipse data for Luxembourg can be found in this table.
All times are Luxembourg local time !
For other regions, you can calculate the times using geographical coordinates with the U.S. Naval Observatory Computer.

Total Lunar Eclipse on 2000-07-16 (Japan) A total lunar eclipse can be as beautiful as this.
This picture has been taken in Japan on July 16, 2000.

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All kind of information about eclipses can be found on the website of Fred Espenak, the 'eclipse guru' at NASA.

Interested in astronomy ? Visit the site of the Amateur Astronomers of Luxembourg