January 21, 2000

a short report

As again the weather was all but fine, I thought there was once more, as for the solar eclipse in 1999, nothing to see for me. But briefly before totality, I could throw a short glance on the partially eclipsed moon. I immediately installed outside with my binoculars and camera, and waited.

From 5:15 to 5:37 a.m., I had the chance to see the eclipsed moon several times for a few moments. It was a great picture through the binoculars : The moon was still rather clear, with a beautiful red/orange rim on the bottom. Unfortunately, I didn't succeed in taking acceptable pictures.

After 5:37 the sky was completely clouded again, and it began slightly raining.
At about 6:35, the moon came back for a few seconds, now already partially illuminated again. After that, the sky was definitely clouded. Between the short moments of visibility, I could only wait, listening to Pink Floyd's

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